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*ADOPTED* – Peak!






Name Peak

Animal ID A0052810418

Sex Male – Neutered

Breed  Mastiff mix (with something smaller)

Age  1 year 3 months 

Weight 66 lbs


Peak. Peek-a-Boo. Peaky Blinders, Sneak Peak, Cheeky Peaky. Peakers. This boy has all the nicknames. Why? Well, he prefers to be the only dog and when you’re the only dog you get all the attention and with that comes all the nicknames. Peak-a-Roni and cheese is a sweet and loving boy with the cutest head tilt you’ll ever see. He is smaller than he looks in pictures, but he’s fully grown. He loves treats and is a lovely walk buddy when the neighborhood is quiet. He is a quick study and has learned an abundance of commands and cues while staying with us. Give Peak a squeaky toy and he will squeak until he can squeak no more. He will make the most loyal lifelong friend and because Peak loves his people and is so loyal, he would like to continue being the only dog in the home. Due to his prior living circumstances, he would also prefer to have a home where there are no masculine presenting individuals. If you are looking for a quiet friend with a heart of gold come check out Peak.

If you are interested in Peak please click HERE to learn more about him

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If Peak isn’t the right dog for you that’s OK. We have something for everyone. You want small, we have chihuahuas and shih tzu’s. If you want large, we have German Shepherds and Husky’s and if those don’t fit, we have everything in between with over 40 available dogs even some pups! If you’re not ready to adopt we are also in desperate need of short and long-term fosters. You can find out more about fostering on our website.

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