Alabama Ticket Giveaway


Alabama is coming to the Washington State Fair this September, and HANK has your chance to see the show! Listen in all this week for the keywords that win – then, text it to 206-421-1015 and you

Adopt Blue!


Name Blue Animal ID 55182830  Sex Neutered male    Breed Border Collie / Husky Age  we are guessing under 2 years  Weight 60lbs    We named this guy Blu because as you can see in his pictures he tries really

Major League Monday

Major League Monday

It’s Muckleshoot’s Major League Monday, and we have your tickets to an upcoming Mariners game! Presented by Muckleshoot Casino Resort – The Biggest and Best is now Bigger and Better! This week you win 2 tickets to

Adopt Ernie and Skye! 


Name Ernie and Skye  Animal IDs  A0055413773 Ernie 55413786  Skye Sex Neutered Male Ernie and Spayed Female Skye  Breed   Mixed breed flat coat little black doggies  Age  2 months Weight 12 lbs We anticipate them to be about 40-50 lbs full grown. We have

Adopt Spike!


Name Spike    Animal IDs  A0055046202 Sex Neutered male    Breed Staffie Mix   Age  8 years  Weight 60-65lbs   Don’t let his name fool you. This boy is just  an elder bull looking for a nice place to retire. Spike was

Adopt Thelma and Louise!


Name Thelma and Louise    Animal IDs  A0055246701 Thelma A0055246688 Louise Sex Spayed Females   Breed Mix   Age  Thelma over 6 Louise under 6 Weight 60-65lbs   Thelma and Louise are two loveable knuckleheads who came into the shelter as strays –

Adopt Jimmy! (aka Jimmy Eat World)


Name Jimmy aka Jimmy Eat World Animal ID  53849004 Sex Neutered Male Breed Mix Age 1 year 9 months Weight 57 lbs Jimmy is an enthusiastic young man looking for his forever home. Despite his size, he’s a long-legged boy,