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*ADOPTED* – Eclipse!



Thank you for helping Eclipse find her forever home!

Name Eclipse

Animal ID 48872476

Sex Female – Spayed

Breed Terrier, American Pit Bull/Mix

Age 2 years 9 months



We believe we are featuring a dog this week but we’re not totally convinced she isn’t part cat….Are you tired of critters eating your vegetable garden before you even have a chance? Worry no more – it’s Eclipse to the rescue – she LOVES chasing and catching vermin! She’ll earn her keep.

Eclipse LOVES getting out and about, going on walks, exploring the world, and sniffing all there is to sniff! She also loves being with people. Eclipse needs a dedicated, patient human companion to continue her training, give her positive reinforcement, and help her learn to be the best girl. So far, she has been an A+ student. She loves treats and listens well. Right now, she’s learning to chew only her toys and is doing well. Have a meeting with your team? She rests quietly and is well-behaved in her kennel. Road warrior? She rides well in the car. Don’t worry about the rain making this beautiful girl muddy, she even tolerates a bath after those adventures.

Eclipse gets along well with older children, but not so much with other dogs (the girl even barks at her own reflection!). Eclipse is very affectionate with her humans, gives kisses, and loves to cuddle (she’ll curl up with you in bed if you let her). Eclipse will fit perfectly in an active home where she can explore the world with you and snuggle up peacefully at the end of the day. With continued training and TLC (and more of those treats), Eclipse will become your dream dog.

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Other info: If Eclipse isn’t the right dog for you, that’s OK! We currently have 42 dogs available between our shelter and foster homes. These dogs range in size from teeny tiny Chihuahuas to a very stout German Shepherd. Our dog’s ages range from puppies to super seniors and there is always a HUGE variety – There really is a dog out there for everyone!!

You can see all of our available animals at or you are welcome to visit us during open adoption hours every day of the week except Monday Friday and Holidays from 1-5 PM

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